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Grant Opportunities

Grant proposals should address one of the areas of the foundation’s focus. Grants are between $5,000 – $50,000 per year. We are willing to evaluate multi-year grants depending on the impact and expected outcome of the initiative. 

Letters of Intent are received January 15 – April 15. If your proposal is deemed a good fit, a representative of the Foundation will reach out by May 31 with an application form to complete. The Application is due between July 1 – August 31. Formal notification of funding status will be no later than November 15. Funds will be distributed by December 31.
The BELTON FAMILY FOUNDATION predominately funds entities that are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations (501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code). We will consider funding through a fiscal agent on a case-by-case basis.
The Foundation will not accept proposals to fund individuals, government agencies, for-profit business, special events or conferences, or endowments. We do not support labor organizations, lobbying, or political campaigns.

Have an idea to propose to the foundation?

Please complete the Letter of Intent form below. If you have any trouble completing the form or need other assistance, please contact us at

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The Letter of Intent open period is now closed for 2022.

Please check this page starting January 15th, 2023 for access to the Letter of Intent to apply form. 

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Letter of Intent Form:

Foundation focus areas can be reviewed here.

Which foundation focus best fits your project?
List your proposed project title here.
Please let us know how much funding you are requesting from the foundation in US Dollars.
In 200 words or less, let us know a bit about you or your organization, and your interest in the BELTON FAMILY FOUNDATION.
In 500 words or less, please describe your idea, including how much money you are seeking, and how it relates to your chosen BELTON FAMILY FOUNDATION focus area.