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Belton Family Foundation

We purpose to glorify God by supporting faith-based and innovative community organizations to fulfill their missions to transform, restore, and empower the world.

The Belton Family Foundation was created with the goal of supporting and nurturing initiatives that positively impact society. Since its inception, the Foundation has focused on four key areas.

Empowering Communities

We support organizations that focus on revitalizing systematically disadvantaged communities around the world. Our focus is on creating sustainable growth via community-led initiatives that promote economic empowerment and mutually beneficial outcomes for all.

Past Recipient’s Include:

Photo copyright and courtesy One Village Partners

Faith & Social Justice

Through programs and initiatives that do justice, love mercy and walk humbly in service to others, we help create Christ-centered, equitable outcomes for the good of all. We support organizations that are building the kingdom of God by improving the lives of others.

Past Recipient’s Include:

Transforming Minds

What is in our minds and hearts drives what we do. We support innovative programs that enliven the spirit, broaden perspective and elevate aspirations through education, culture, and the arts.

Past Recipient’s Include:

  • The Guthrie Theater
  • Dartmouth College — The Cross Fund
  • Minnehaha Academy — The Belton Innovation Hub

Photo copyright and courtesy Guthrie Theater / Dan Norman

Vision For Wellness

Currently we support organizations that bring eye care to under-resourced people and regions of the world. We see a world where everyone has access to vision care, regardless of ability to pay.

Past Recipient’s Include:

Opportunities and Impact

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Foundation Impact

2023 Foundation giving data at a glance.

Belton Family Foundation focus areas

Grant Opportunities

Have an idea that supports our mission? Learn more about the process of applying for funding.

About Us

Marc and Alicia Belton

Marc and Alicia Belton live in Minneapolis with their children, Alexander and Gabrielle. From the onset of their marriage, Marc and Alicia purposed to be a blessing to their family, friends and community by being servants. Their hope is that their good works and giving will be evidence of their faith in Christ.

The Belton Family Foundation is an extension of this mission to Be for God, Be Fruitful, Be You and Be Your Best. 

We have had many opportunities to see good people trying to make a difference in their communities.

With a vision to empower others to lead and serve our global community, we will provide resources to help fulfill this purpose. 

What will you do with what you have?

Alicia Belton